Why sacrifice when you can have it all? Balancing fashion with function, our team promises the most flexible, comfortable and properly fitted shoe for every stylish stage of a child’s development.

  • Pre and First Walkers

    During the first year, pudgy piggies need extra protection. That’s why we offer soft, pliable styles that support delicate cartilage without restricting movement as little ones transition from wiggling to walking.

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  • Toddlers

    As tiny tots begin to walk, it’s important their footwear offers special features like rounded toes, flat soles, flexible materials and extra heel support for healthy development of the foot and ankle muscles.

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  • Kids

    Every child develops differently. That’s why Old Soles offers a wide variety of styles to ensure the right support in all the right places. Our wide variety of fashion-meets-function footwear will keep every kid’s busy lifestyle grounded.

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